The study of plants...

During that period of life when I found myself as a driver for a preacher/evangelist, I came to know a man who knew all about trees. Spending time with him I began to realize how much I took trees for granted. I am surrounded by all these magnificent trees and I knew none of them. Jay however, knew that there were:

Flowering trees
Bulbs  and

He knew every specie of tree along with as much information about these trees as an anthropologist from his study of the American Indian. I was humbled and a little ashamed.

Over twenty years ago, during a long period of illness and injury, I rediscovered the healing energy of plants and tinctures and teas. I also studied QiGong, Tai Chi and Taoism. The Yi Jing has been invaluable.

I have told you of Gaia Girls enrollment in an in depth study of plants and herbs. It's amazing. I could lament that I never saw my studies through to their conclusion. But that would be silly. TaoSpring has become a drying rack for harvested greenery. Tinctures, in varying states of brewing line our shelves. I've applied salves to my cuts and bruises. I've taken teas, teaspoons and even smoked some. One weekend a month she ventures off to learning and adventure and I find that I miss her terribly. 

But sometimes I can't help think: the groundwork of my life has been constructed like tracks across the open plain. I can and do support her quest to further her healing practice in the same way that a good base camp supports a team of mountain climbers. I may not be there with her - but I am. Hoping to give her what she needs.

Seeing my studies through to their conclusion...  A conclusion is the result of linear thinking. And we know that the "power of the world works in circles." There exists no beginning, no conclusion. There is only the spiral dance.

 And Man..... I'm enjoying the ride.