Coop painting and building additions

The wee peeps moved outside with thirteen more scheduled to round out the herd this weekend. Gaia Girl set out to build an addition to Fort Seuss and ended with a mini-me of the same. Fantastic job! Mounted on the rear of the coop is one of the original windows to TaoSpring circa 1900. She successfully built a chicken terrarium where we can now charge admission for seeing the cute little buggers do what cute little buggers do. All for the price of a smile.
  I made a gallon of Cabot stain last year to match the color of TaoSpring. It sat in the basement all winter until the can began to rust, providing a little incentive to begin my staining. With Gaia Girl leading the way, I couldn't leave her masterpiece looking pretty all by it's lonesome. So yesterday, before today's monsoon moved in, I painted Fort Seuss with the help of ten mischievous and ultra curious chickens at my feet. They stood around commenting and picking and digging everywhere that I was trying to work. I didn't mind. They're better company than a lot of people I know!

But life is not all work and no play. I think we all work too much. All of our needs and some of our wants and we should all be content. With that in mind, I washed up my little Ghia and picked up my youngest daughter (now 26!!) and headed on over to a local cruise night.

And here I am standing next to the first car I ever owned - A Pontiac Lemans. My Lemans was black on black. A stealth bomber in her time. The stories I could tell! Now look at me! Hawaiian shirt from Salvo and a neatly shaved dome. And then the beard.... As someone recently said, I look like I'm in the witness protection program!

And in a way.... That is so true!