Planting raised beds for a garden...

Years ago, I maintained a fairly substantial garden plot that grew the usual selection of tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and peppers. Changes forced a decision to finally put it to rest. The grass took over and I soon had before me just more lawn to be mowed. Nothing more - Nothing less.
Yet I missed the garden and all that it symbolized. The planting, the dirt under the nails, the watchful expectation of seeing it grow and flourish. The smell, the texture, the color. It all seems so right. Natural and nurturing.
So I decided to put in two raised beds. One away from the house and one just behind. There is a distinct advantage to having raised beds over the usual plot of tilled soil. You're totally in control of the soil for one and you can plant early too. The ground in the raised bed warms up quicker and if there is a threat of frost a small roll of plastic will suffice in covering it for the night. It's true for those cold September nights as well. It's easy to tend and you can produce greater yields often planting an early and a late crop. And they're easy to maintain.
It's early May and we've planted herbs and beets and eggplant and celery. Later we'll put in our tomatoes and cucumbers and a few others things to be decided on.
Gaia Girl is seen here further enhancing the beauty of the herb garden designing what will be a display and pattern of varying shapes and colors. I'll publish the progress.
Perhaps you'll put in your own!