Guitars, Bow Ties & Parkhurst

I know that in my bio I make claim of having known monks and musicians, preachers and physicians; but these days I seldom rub shoulders with monks or preachers or physicians. Nay, life has grown quiet. A group of more than four people is a stifling crowd for me. Yet I still know plenty of musicians and an assortment of artisans who captivate through their craft. Have you ever been in awe over another's ability? Their gifts, ideas and their creativity?

Below, I have listed three who I would ask you to support.

The first is a builder of guitars who amazes me by his ability to craft an instrument that mirrors the handcrafted work of C. F. Martin.  

The second is an amazing artist, illustrator, sculptor and breeder of prize ducklings.

The third crafts amazing bow-ties. I met this gentleman through the Lodge of Freemasons. Lodge officers wear bow-ties as part of their ensemble and it's rare to still see a bow-tie outside of a Freemason lodge - and that's a shame! Look at some of these and bring back the art of the bow-tie. All other ties are impostors!