No winter for New England -2012

On the day before Halloween 2011, we found ourselves shoveling, plowing and snow blowing two feet of snow. The horror of a long and brutal New England winter filled everyone with fear as the surprise attack  found most ill prepared. Panic set in. Snow blowers were sold at the rate of several a day; depleting last years stock since the new arrivals hadn't arrived yet. Shovels and gloves flew off the store shelves. Snowmobile dealers found themselves happy as used car salesman dancing in a booming economy. The mind's eye of every New Englander envisioned ice dams, snow piled high as mountains and piles of firewood being buried under several feet of snow. Many in the snow zone envisioned oil companies rubbing their greedy little hands together like a preying mantis waiting to go in for the kill.

And then.....


Warm temperatures. Light jackets. Green grass. Right through Christmas!

Today's forecast is for unfavorable weather beginning tonight and continuing right through tomorrow. Word of the day? Ice pellets! (Another bad word!) After the ice storm of 2008, when millions lost power and millions of trees lost their limbs, everyone that hears the word "ice" is as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs! I cannot describe how amazing a sight it is when as if on cue, like a horde of lemmings, the masses flood the grocery stores to gather the proverbial "Milk and Bread" whenever the forecasters even hint of coming ice or snow.

And this is New England?

I've begun to feel that most of the population has been shipped in from the states that I never think of. Like Oklahoma, Nebraska or Delaware! And don't get me started about winter driving! Is everyone that drives our roads new to New England? Is this your first time?

Well, I for one have had it. Not with the snow and ice. Although the deep cold, I can do without. No. It's the people who act like New England virgins every time the snow falls or when we get a nice sheet of ice turning the landscape into Boston Garden and the Bruins play-offs!

Put all the virgins in the penalty box until Spring - and give me a rest....


Rick said…
A very old Chinese Taoist story describes a farmer in a poor country village. His neighbors considered him very well-to-do. He owned a horse which he used for plowing and for transportation. One day his horse ran away. All his neighbors exclaimed how terrible this way, but the farmer simply said "Maybe."

A few days later the horse returned and brought two wild horses with it. The neighbors all rejoiced at his good fortune, but the farmer just said "Maybe."

The next day the farmer's son tried to ride one of the wild horses. The horse threw him and the son broke his leg. The neighbors all offered their sympathy for his misfortune, but the farmer again said "Maybe."

The next week conscription officers came to the village to take young men for the army. They rejected the farmer's son because of his broken leg. When the neighbors told him how lucky he was, the farmer replied "Maybe."
Tao1776 said…
Yes Rick....However, "Danger arises when a man feels secure in his position. Destruction threatens when a man seeks to preserve his worldly estate. Confusion develops when a man has put everything in order. Therefore the superior man does not forget danger in his security, not ruin when he is well established, nor confusion when his affairs are in order. In this way he gains personal safety and is able to protect the empire."