New England Patriots - One game, one play at a time.

The New England Patriots won the AFC Championship game yesterday. In a nail biting, you never know what's going to happen next kind of game, the tough and formidable Baltimore Ravens saw their field goal kicker, Billy Cundiff (the new Bill Buckner?) miss a 32-Yard field goal attempt with eleven seconds left on the clock. Instead of a tie and a run into overtime the Ravens were sent packing with their wings and the hope of receiving Super Bowl rings defeathered, plucked and dashed upon the rocks of broken dreams.
Sucks, huh?
But isn't that just how life goes? One day we're the victor, one day the conquered. And this is not a signal to get all down and defeated. No. It's a reminder that you need to play one game, one play at a time. You never know what the outcome may be. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. And sometimes a loss can be a win or a win can be a loss.
What a page turner!

Addendum 2/5/2002 The better team won Super Bowl XLVI - No doubt about it. Better coaching over all. Better receivers. And Brady is clearly lacking the accurate arm of days gone by. But that is the game, isn't it?


baroness radon said…
Gong xi fa cai, xiongdi!
Rick said…
That whole struggle came down to one moment: the Ravens kicker executing what should have been a "gimme."

You have to do the work but you can't guarantee the outcomes.