Tao Spring: Pallet Chicken Coop P III - Dr. Suess style...

This is the extent of my progress. Four Pallets per side, covered with OSB, trim is rough cut spruce.
Interior measures 7/1/2 by 8 feet. Enough room for 15 chickens. The "girls" are now three weeks old and have quadrupled in size. We have 6 Barred Rocks, 3 Golden Comets, 6 Aracaunas. With all the rain and so many days spent on other high priority projects it has been difficult to find time to complete this project. The top (between the sides and roof) will be securely meshed with chicken wire. The bottom secure from the inside using 1x3x8" pine slats with the other end overlapping the outer 2x4's. The roof will hold it taught. I'm going to lay 3 4x8' OSB to create a 12x8 roof. This will ensure adequate overlap and protection.