Mental illness and politics.....All is madness

   Once upon a time in the Soviet Union, people who held views in opposition to "The Party" were thought to be mentally ill. They were sent for "treatment" until at which time they could show that their understanding would prove to echo completely that of the party manifesto.
The changes in the American manifesto which seem to ebb and flow like fashion (remember those awful hairdos of the eighties?) have me feeling on more than one occasion "mentally ill". I often feel that I see things in such opposition to that of my peers and of my community. I feel so isolated.
   In my small community during the first Gulf War, a small group erected a "peace tree" and held signs asking that we think before we leap before we as a country send our troops into Kuwait. Several other members of the community (some were firefighters) decided that the protesters did not have this right and they assaulted them. Years later, against overwhelming evidence and testimony, the US entered Iraq in search of weapons of mass destruction. When you look back at the facts (and who does?) it is amazingly ridiculous. But is better to not rock the boat: and for what end?
My dearest and best friend was is in D.C. to receive well deserved kudos for her line and quality of service. She was front and center at the White House just after word of the killing of Bin Laden was announced. At midnight as the crouds gathered, I can imagine that it was quite a moving experience. She called me at 12:15 a.m. to share the excitement. And I love her for it. But I couldn't sleep after she hung up. The nationalistic fervor chilled me to the bone and made a knot in my stomach that wouldn't leave. Shouts of U.S.A!  U.S.A.!  U.S.A.! put me on alert. 
I just wanted to share these two articles:
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