Toast and tea for Mitt Romney

It would appear that my friends to the north are much less observant than I've given them credit for. I can understand the increase in the membership of the Tea Party, as the highly independent voting force of New Hampshire (along with everyone else) is seeking to escape the "status quo - s.s.d.d." rhetoric of our barnacle laden two party system. The Tea Party, based on its festering growth alone, would appear to offer a way out. It may well possess the ability to upset the worm filled political apple cart that sickens us so.
But Mitt Romney?
How was it that this guy was ever considered by the Republican party to be the next great white hope? And do the Tea Party people really consider Mitt as a potential candidate or is it the political machine of the Elect Romney for President, that is claiming Romney as a Tea Party potential candidate in New Hampshire?
Doesn't anyone look at the facts anymore? Romney? Seriously?
Well, no. The information age has done nothing to provide us with information that is compiled via reason and logic and a lack of bias. Perhaps it is not even possible anymore. Orwell is looking more like the prophets Elijah and Isaiah with the passing of each and every election. An overwhelmingly large asteroid of crap is about to land on the good ol' U.S.A. And I'm in a panic.
You just can't make this stuff up! And the problem is intensified by the people who can't cope with examining their beliefs -
I guess that its hard work thinking for yourself. Waxing nostalgic for those days of a simple America where everyone believed in God, never questioned authority, ("Eat your meat! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat"?) and we all had dress codes in school. Was it all smoke and mirrors or did we really see things clearly then?
Simply put, it is a dog eat dog world; a rat race, an ongoing game of one-ups-man-ship and I all too often am surprised by my level of naivete.