The Scarecrow's Gun (reprise)

After leaving the Emerald City seeking to obtain the broomstick of the wicked witch per the wizard's request, Dorothy's friends decide that it would be best to arm themselves. The Tin Man has an axe, the Lion brings a canister of pesticide and the Scarecrow pulls out a gun. 
Fear of what they might find propels their effort to gain  props to aid in warding off their fear. They anxiously proceed fearful of what they expect to encounter and thus they armed themselves with whatever they could find.
Our minds will often react just as Dorothy's trio did so the moment in the story passes quickly without little notice. We, like them, arm ourselves and nervously look forward and backward trying to guess what might be coming next when times are trying, tough and unpredictable. 

Lions, and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

But this is not the way. This is not our practice.

What? You didn't notice that the Scarecrow carried a gun? After the flying monkeys carried Dorothy and Toto off to the witch's castle, it was dropped in favor of wisdom and intuition. Good thing.