Much to be grateful for........

Its hard to imagine that on December 4th I was pouring cement and that the temperature was nearing 55 degrees. Yesterday we were hit with close to ten inches of snow followed by freezing rain, It made for a heavy mess. The next few days will see temperatures below the freezing mark.
I am extremely grateful that I live in a fairly warm house. I used to heat exclusively with wood. Now I burn when I am home most evenings and on weekends. I was very blessed in that my daughter's boyfriend worked to gather, cut and split and stack almost two cords of wood for me this summer. One big-ass piece of oak burns away in my 1970's Vermont Castings stove right now.
Thanks, Jake!
I stood in my yard today trying to fill some holes and apply some insulation to areas that allow cold air to seep in. The wind was blowing hard in great rolling gusts that could be heard in the distance like far off giants in some forgotten fairy tale. Just as some smells awaken old memories, the sound of winter's breath brought my thoughts back to my childhood. So much life has been lived since those days of sliding down monstrous hills on the hood of an old car. Mother's baked and cleaned and met you at the door making sure that you took your boots off. Dads worked and worked and disciplined after you pissed mom off by not taking your boots off; resulting in snow and mud through the kitchen, to the fridge with the finished thaw puddling in front of the t.v.
I remember attending an impromptu retirement party where the man of the hour tearfully warned all the young men in attendance.
"It all goes by so quick. You young guys sitting here don't think so, but one day you'll just wake up and ask, where did all the time go?"
It does go by fast.
Or does it?
As the Lankavatara sutra says;
"Things are not what they seem; Nor are they otherwise."