Going Global - Yee Haaaaaaa

globalization definition

glob·ali·za·tion (glō′bəl i zās̸hən, -ī-)


the process of globalizing something; specif., the expansion of many businesses into markets throughout the world, marked by an increase in international investment, the proliferation of large multinational corporations, worldwide economic integration, etc.

interconnectedness - all of our great spiritual leaders and the great minds searching through the science of quantum physics conclude that all is interconnected. The discovery and acknowledgement of this fact brings wonderment and compassion to the wise. Why is it that when I hear of connectedness, as an American, and as part of a nation that professes to be "Christian," I see not the wonder and compassion of this discovery but the monetary perversion of it?


baroness radon said…
The Devil's Nuts??? Which came first, the ball or the cock?
Shubhajit said…
Monetary perversion!!!

Though a good point raised.

Wish you a very happy new year.
Al said…
wtf? i wish that I could find stuff like that...