On Friday morning I took my Granddaughter out for breakfast. At 4 2/3 years old she is quite the conversationalist and she is always good company. She was born with a sense of humor that just won't quit. She has been trying to learn how to tell jokes. These are the latest;

Why did Mickey Mouse hate his Dad?
Cuz his Dad was a Rat!

Why do little boys eat their boogers?
Cuz they don't like broccoli.

And the latest.......

What do turtles use to make phone calls?

Its good to keep these small gems in mind when the little dogs snip at your heels trying to knock you off your game.

I'm not a mechanic, I always like to say. But I'm not a complete idiot either. Money is tight. I can't really take the "Little Hottie" off to the doctor every time she feels ill. And she has been feeling poorly for way too long. But she needs someone greater than my experience I think. I'm doing my best. Tomorrow I will run through a checklist and see if I can pull her through. I feel bad that I just can't seem to master the issue.

I was pleased to run into a blogger from the past. Don't really know when we (or I) lost track. I've lamented before about blogger pals that have come and gone. I vow to keep better track.


Eye See Sophia said…
Your granddaughter's jokes are very funny! She is a cutie pie. You must be very proud.
Shubhajit said…
today's kids are becoming smarter and smarter. I can understand the tight situation...but where you can get such happiness?

Waves are always coming and hitting us....while writing to you i am in a deep mess and feel little hypocrite but deep down I pray.... Stick to God! Through the terrors of evil, say – my God, my love! Through the pangs of death, say – my God, my love! Through the euphoria of dreams, say – my God, my love.
baroness radon said…
Don't be surprised when your grandaughter is 16 and desparately wants a cute little red car!

Wish I could send you TAO 61's mechanic; he is a saint.
*Waves at Tim* :-D
Anonymous said…
Grandpaw too.