My Ringtone - What's yours?

My phone rings thus

This is my ring tone. Not sure what it reveals about me. This song touches my soul as deeply as the sound of the pipes.
What is your ring tone and why did you choose it?


Kathy said…
that's a great song. His music is always good. Okay don't laugh at me...but my ringtone is the cupcake can listen to it
Sophia said…
Your ring tone reveals that you like old rock music, especially guitars. Possibly you were into psychedelics, maybe you smoked... maybe you didn't. haha! Possibly.. very possibly, you are into Woodstock. Maybe you drove a '69 VW Beetle. You're a liberal.

How close am I?

My ring tone is a generic free ringtone that came with my phone. I only rarely use it, as it's a prepaid cell phone. $15 every three months is all it takes to keep the service. Virgin Mobile.
Sophia said…
hehee, Kathy, my little cupcake - that was quite a 180 turn around after listening to Tao's ringtone.
I don't own a cell phone, so I don't have a ring tone. My land line simply rings. ; )
Tao1776 said…
Kathy!!!! LOFL!!! I love it.
Sophia - There are no boxes that can hold me!!! Ha-ha. I think that (oh-oh opinion here) anyone that is stuck in one genre of music is,..I won't say it. Music is alive. Ever evolving. I am partial to many kinds of music. Folk - rock - progressive alternative, BLUES!!!, some Jazz, Celtic (pipes & fiddles-Oh my!)
I did some psychedelics, smoked a wide variety of pot,(I no longer do) and I still drive a 73 VW - The "Little Hottie". I am a social liberal, a fiscal conservative, and I have a deep sense of anarchist, libertarian and constitutionalist.
Rambling one, my youngest pays for my phone as an add on to hers. It keeps us one call away from each other. I like that. I also have a land line that we never answer. We have a generic answering machine that we call "Jeeves." He screens all calls.
Tao1776 said…
No! That some technology....You use it?
baroness radon said…
Voodoo Child is great!

I like making tones for each of my contacts...I use When my husband calls it's Bob Dylan singing "I Want You" and my artist friend gets "She belongs to me" --(She's an artist, she don't look back...); my mechanic, who calls me more than I call him, gets Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up." My son, who lives in Portalnd, Ore., is linked to John Fahey's "Portland Cement Factory." I'm thinking of making "Maggie's Farm" my incoming office ringtone!
baroness radon said…
Yes...keep a landline! With a real old fashioned dial phone that doesn't need to charge. Don't want any single point communication failures.
River said…
My ringtone might be as, um, silly as Kathy's. You can find it here:

It fades out right before the commercial announcer starts talking, and then starts over again. (The hubby ripped and edited it for me.)

I think it means I'm silly and love kittehs.
Brendan said…
mine is purple haze