Blinded by the light, Revved up like a deuce, Another runner in the night...or, How to map out the Edison Light

When we bought this house twenty eight or so years ago, this room sported a bottom half covered by a very cheap barn-board like paneling. The top half was covered with a velvet orange wallpaper containing raised gold designs throughout the pattern. The ceiling light was a pull down lantern. The doorway from the kitchen had swinging saloon doors. And yes, there were mirrors stuck on one wall above a makeshift bar. It was truly an East meets West bar lounge. Did I fail to mention that all the woodwork was painted black?
After some major renovations we finally opted for a three light ceiling fan. Looked nice. I could have passed into old glory or the nether worlds without ever exchanging the light for another. But as wives do, she began to obsess about the light. She needed a new look. She bronzed the base and stain-painted the paddles. She made new shades. But she was not satisfied. Then came the Pottery Barn Edison Light.
The light came with no instruction on how to map out the placement of the lights and their cords and clips. It took some real study on how to best make it fit.
Of course that is where I come in.
If anyone needs instruction on how to map out the placement of the light, cord and clips, please feel feel to e mail me.