Those incredibly fun girls of See Hear Speak no Evil
sent me my prize for winning their James Bond contest. They say that the winner was picked by random, but being true to my Leo heart, I know that mine was really the best.
Jess in her lame arse procrastination mode, and Al being m.i.a., I believe Bridge was the catalyst behind me finally getting my prize - almost ninety days late. Thanks Bridge!!!!
But I made out like a bandit.
In keeping with the James Bond theme, I received a Martini shaker. I love a good Martini! To sweeten me up (yeah, like I need any of that!) I received Good & Plenty ( a fave of mine...who knew?) Red licorice, (Mmmmmm) P-Korn light (gotta watch that girl like figure) and one of my other top notch faves that I am in dire need of (great timing!) Green Tea.
Thanks Al, Bridge and Jess....If you are in need of anything from New England (Jess - Patriots gear?) - (Bridge - some Wachusett Beer Monsta) (Al - what do you give a girl that has been everywhere and has done everything?)
You guys are the best!


Bridge said…
Once again... SOOOOOOO sorry it took so long. Glad you think you made out like a bandit. HEHE>
jess said…
you were also supposed to get a deck of cards, but i forgot to put them in the box. they were from vegas, too! sheesh...