Massachusetts Masonic Open House Saturday March 28th.

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The reasons that may lie behind why one would become a member of the Fraternity of Freemasons varies almost as much as its members vary in size and weight or in vocation and in religious and/or political affiliation. Some are drawn by the mystery and the hint that there may be some hidden or esoteric teachings. Some may join because someone they know is a Mason. Sometimes it is because a relative or perhaps a business partner is a Freemason.
Freemasonry's teachings are secular in nature; emphasizing brotherly love, relief and truth. Brotherly love is easily observed and relief to those in need is the lodge's calling. Truth is subjective and hence the need for secularism.
As Chaplin of the lodge, prayers are made before the opening and the closing of the lodge and at various appointed periods when the work of the lodge is underway. There are some that hear not the prayer being offered while there are others that offer their hearts and minds and intentions as wings to the spoken word. My view of God, or even the understanding and application and use of such a word as God, is my truth and may differ radically from the view of my brother.
This is true freedom of religion. And yet, don't be persuaded that Freemasonry is a religion or that it promotes a particular religious belief. It does not. It does promote the view that no man is an island and that we must diligently seek to help and uphold one another in spite of our differences.
Now, This Being Human..... as is always the case, some manifest as shining examples of brotherly love, relief and truth while others make you wonder why they ever became Freemasons at all.
Be that as it may, Freemasonry can boast some very good men from within their ranks from times past and now. And I'm glad to be counted as a brother among them.


Anonymous said…
...and we are glad and honored to be able to call you a brother, Brother....