The Veil

It usually begins at about the same time each year. A few weeks after the first harvest, (Llamas) there are a few cool nights that creep in to remind you of the impending end of summer. Sure, there are many great days and nights to come but you are gently reminded that there is an end in sight.
And it is at this time of the year that I sense that the veil between the seen and the unseen is also beginning to thin. The approach of Samhein signals the final harvest and the realization that summer has come to an end, that autumn is almost over and that the solstice will soon mark both the end and a new beginning. Year after year, season after season, generation after generation, this has been the way.
Now, in my fifty fourth year, my life most represents that time between the first and second harvest; many great days and nights to come but I am reminded that there is an end in sight. That there is an end in sight and perhaps, a new beginning.
I have in ThisBeingHuman....( tried to represent the pangs and turmoil of what it means to be human and the ongoing universal quest to overcome; suffering and the end of suffering, as the Buddha would have it.
But I am always aware that there is gap. Even in the land of the free; the land of opportunity, not everyone survives the ongoing quest for the American dream and many succumb to the natural capitalistic pitfalls of social Darwinism.
As George Carlin stated, "We've been bought off," he said. "Everyone has a cell phone that will make pancakes for them so we're all fat and happy and satisfied and we don't question a lot of things."
No one wants to hear mundane trivialities that make up the difficulties of everyday life for
Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.
Especially if you have a good paying job, good health care, and are able to buy groceries, pay your bills and are even be able to take advantage of the word that many people can only dream of; "vacations".
Based on these thoughts alone, I know that my blog will never make a "best blog" list or to a list of favorites. I am often amazed at the few that have linked to This Being Human..... I think that the greatest compliment I ever received was from
a fellow blogger (Mystic Wing - he no longer posts) that had gained great respect from me. So I was quite surprised when I had read this on one of his much missed posts.
"Tim at "This Being Human" is one of the most honest writers I know. He's had a somewhat rough time of things lately, yet gamely continues to write with great fearless openness about it all. I aspire to Tim's level of honesty.

Frankly, I was glad that somebody finally got it.


Bridge said…
Wow... this post is very deep. Growing up I used to get really depressed at this time of year. Mostly because I know winter is coming soon. Maybe it is for another reason... who knows.

Yes you write very honest. I also feel that you write from your heart and that you write about important things. Hope that makes you feel good. /smile
Merelyme said…
oh hey there. are one of my favorite bloggers indeed. i love the way that you write...the way that you set the mood and infuse your well stated philosophy about life.

there is a veil and you are allowing us to peer in and see you. thank you.
Kelly said…
thank you for commenting to me tim, it gave me the oppurtunity to discover a like soul in touch w the tides...llamas to samhain is my favorite time of year for the palpable energy in the air--ahhh so good. so much light and such sharp shadows, too--on every level, now, yes? i look forward to checking back in w you.