Super Heroes

The word "Hero" is thrown about quite indiscriminately these days. Every time I turn around, somebody is being hailed a hero. Before you know it, there's going to be so many saints to pray to, Jesus will have to abdicate his seat as the mediator between man and God.
But on a lighter note, I saw the Fantastic Four movie (or part of it) on cable the other day. The movie was crap. I enjoyed the comic book as a kid. Comic books were a staple for me as I was growing up. Spiderman was my favorite. I remember reading Fantastic Four and thinking that out of the three guys (being the invisible girl was NOT an option) I most wanted to be "The Thing". As I watched the movie, it focused a great deal on his angst and torment of finding himself at the mercy being changed into this lumbering and scaled type creature. I never saw it that way. Now, as an adult, I can understand. (hard to get laid looking like that!) But I always thought that I could aid all of the people around me and protect myself in the process.
I think that it reveals much about who I am.
What about you?
What Super Hero would you most want to be.


Merelyme said…
um...well i guess there are more super chicks now. catwoman has always intrigued me. meow!
DarkenedPoems said…
If I had to be a super hero, I'd want to be someone that could just disappear. I would want to save the world, and not be seen doing it.
Tim said…
M! I can picture you as Catwoman. Ahem.....quite a visualization. I must say!
DP- I tried to leave a comment on your blog AND send you an e mail. Kinda spooky!!! Neither went through.
HIP_M0M said…
Tim, This is a GREAT I've been asking myself for quite some time. I haven't been able to pick one (at least not from the female Superheroes from the comic books) but I'll ponder a little more over this and come back to let you know.