Karmann Ghia, responsibility, frustrations...

Well, the Ghia is up and running. She needs some fine tuning that may be a wee bit above my limited shade tree mechanic experience. I could use a little help. So I drove over to a fellow Air Cooled enthusiast who owns a sweet powder blue Beetle with a 1776 motor and someone who just happens to be a VW mechanic. I'm dropping off the "Little Hottie" Tuesday evening so that he can fine tune and double check her for any issues that might need addressing. Remember, she was running like a top before a tank of bad gas fouled everything up so I don't think she needs much.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a mandate that all must have health insurance. I began completing the forms for subsidized insurance last fall as my wife's PT time position doesn't offer insurance and I can hardly afford my own plan. I pay $152 a month for a High Deductible Health Savings Plan. If I add my wife, it jumps to $325 a month. At $12 Hr. it is more than I can afford. As it is, I'm in arrears with most of my bills and still owe a large water and sewer bill and need heating oil. I do burn wood, which is equally expensive but I have managed to scrounge enough to make due up til now. I, like many other Americans, have experienced the economic downturn. Although I have always tried to live simply, having to live with a minimum of 50% less pay, it gets difficult.
My two daughters have friends and boyfriends that have come to believe that I embody some depth of wisdom and they love to hang around. It wouldn't be the first time that someone took up the hobby of relaxing with a nice pipe and porch sitting after spending time with me!
But I have nothing to offer.
I am the quintessential Leo who also happens to be one that is out of balance. I need balance. Homeostasis. I eat too much. I drink too much. And complain too much. And I can't seem to put one good foot in front of the other. I am becoming increasingly socially withdrawn. But I do have a list things to do: not necessarily listed in order of importance.
1) bundle phone, net & cable
2) change banks
3) schedule an updated MRI and see if I am a candidate for some laser surgery
4) have my neurologist brother in law and his team examine MRI results
5) IF I can opt out of this spinal injury, I'm going to storm the local and very large printing company for a job.
6) go to July 13, 2008 - CVA's 4th Annual New England Volks-Meet
Woodstock, Connecticut
July 27, 2008 - (Antique VWs at) "Time Machines 2008"
Guilford, Connecticut
August 02, 2008 - VOLKSVAIR FAIR IX
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
August 10, 2008 - 17th Annual Connecticut Bug A Fair
Terryville, Connecticut
October 12, 2008 - Transporterfest
Brookline (Boston area), Massachusetts


Anonymous said…
Tim,I know about trying to ballance the money.I costs us a bunch for our health care and we still have the deductible to meet.coupled with a house payment each month the rising energy prices,what is a guy to do on a fixed income?
jess said…
good luck with that list! it looks interesting and fun!