Pride cometh before the fall

Last week was a strange one. I often aim to be watchful and to never make much ado about any one thing. But as I have explained before, at times you can read the signs and the lay of the land and understand a lot about what is going on. But this is just plain weird.

First, I had a local contractor e-mail my superiors in corporate to explain that I was the cat's meow as far as he was concerned when it came to doing paint business with our store. Then, I heard it again from several customers. I know that my only sense of accomplishment will come through my customers because the store cares very little about whether you work for them or someone else. You're a body; a number. A position filled. So I love to hear but hate to hear it.

Then, I ran into a salesman that still works for the company that downsized and eliminated my entire team. He let me know that all my predictions regarding the future of the plant were being fulfilled. The scenario was such;

two salesman = always in the plant and never a cold call

one ink tech = always by the side and up the ass of salesman one.

all this = no sales growth. Slow business.

It all gets fairly complicated from here on. There was betrayal. Conspiracy.

Lets just say that almost everyone involved with the company move and downsize is in process or has already been, fired.

I had a conversation with my old counterpart from the Baltimore branch and it would seem that I have been completely vindicated. The downsize was a mistake. Not disciplining the sales force was a mistake. Moving the plant to its current location was a mistake. Those that fought against me are gone or almost gone.

And all I felt was sad.

All that energy and enthusiasm and teamwork seemingly produced no good end. I am proud of what we accomplished and sad that it was dismantled in the way that it was. Although miles separate me and the key members of the team, we still keep in touch. And that says something good.

The production manager that I hired told me that I was a great leader and that it took him a long time for him to get over what happened.

But the only thing that I did was assemble a great bunch of guys that wanted to have a sense of accomplishment. To do something and to do it well. To make and be part of a well oiled machine. A team. Its a good thing.

Its too bad that the only one that recognized it was given the boot. Too bad that the entire team opted to join me other than work for those most responsible for the company's demise.

Too bad.

I have nothing to feel proud about. All this sudden rush of accolades makes me a little ill. I make a better hermit than anything else. But a pat on the back is always nice. Too bad the latter was too little too late.


Al said…
It's amazing how much a good team can make your work experience worth while. But it definitely stinks when your superiors don't see your worth.
Tim said…
Yeah Al...but methinks that I piss and moan too much about it. It troubles me that the whole deal affected me to the degree that it did. I would like to think that I'm better than that. Apparently not. WTF!