Okay No more cryin and whining! I got some neat stuff goin on!

All last summer I was without the "Little Hottie" due to fuel issues and a crapped up carb that I couldn't afford to replace. So, this dude in Texas that I met through http://www.thesamba.com/vw/ did an original German pict carb rebuilt for me. It hasn't been an easy process trying to replace the carb and crank her over. I had to static time the distributor and I had to replace fuel line. One thing at a time. I hope to have her up and running by Sunday. Fingers crossed. Once done, I will publish more pix and share her beauty with you.
Meanwhile, I have reconfigured my hanging tomatoes in a bigger and better fashion. I'll share some pix on that too. I plan to do snap peas in the same way.
With gas prices going through the roof, I'm blessed to work for peanuts a few minutes from home. A half mile from home! This time of year produces many freebies. Ripped bags of lime and Step 1. All of the items that I'm using for the hanging vegetables I got for free. My lawnmower broke down and I was able to use the store's mower. Starting June 1st I will have every other Thursday off balanced by three day weekends on the other end.
I rebuilt my fire pit and hope to show that off too. BBQ this week-end.
I wish that the girls from http://seehearspeaknoevil.com/ were able to come. Instead Bridge and Al are going to Europe. What am I, chopped liver? Lucky Beotches!
My daughter and granddaughter are apartment hunting. I will mourn when Brielle is no longer living here. She won't be too far away I'm sure. But she's been here everyday for six months. The girlie in me will make me cry but I'll adapt. Or I'll over compensate by being a dick for awhile. Not sure which way it'll go.
My oldest son, who has bipolar disorder and who also has medication induced diabetes is expected a small pay off from a class action suit against the drug manufacturer. It will be good to see the poor kid get a break.
Well, thats the ramble for now. Expect pix soon.


Loralee Choate said…
It's good to see some sunshine for you! I'm glad your car is getting revved up and back to its normal self.

I'm envious of Bridy, too. I'll have to get her back by having her help me move. :)
Bridge said…
Hear that??? Loralee hopes I will help her move! HAHAHA. I guess I'll go over and help her.

I would LOVE to come to a BBQ. Too bad we live so far away from you!
Anonymous said…
What!!!! The fire pit rebuilt??!! I'll be over with some Scotch as soon as my organizations give me a weekend off....
Tim said…
Ah, Rubik. The original. Always a treat to hear from you.
Bridge! Can you fit a stow-away?
Anon....Yeah, that bottle has been in your hands too long!