The evening was blessed by the blinking light of many lightening bugs. A spurt of light here. Then there. High, low. It is magical show of lights lending to a pleasant late Spring night.
The more one moves out towards the wooded areas, you can hear coyotes seeking their night prey. The deer are closing in on the tender sprouts reaching upward from the newly planted gardens. The bats are beginning to sweep the sky clean of June bugs and mosquito's.
This makes me, well, horny.
Making love on a nice spring evening. Breathing your lover's breath deep within your senses. The taste, the smell; the feel of a lover's caress. Crickets chirp in approval as lovers sit inspired by the Buddha and his Concubine. Face to face with tongues lightly fencing, breath breathing breath while hearts beat in excitement. The moon lightly shining upon her face; her eyes approving of the depth of penetration, yet her legs pull you closer and closer until you appear as one being.
The explosive push far from concludes the embrace. The two that became one do not want to separate. Sleep welcomes the lovers into the comfort that defines the word nurture.
Then, the car's headlights illuminate the sleeping and quite naked pair upon the long porch and the late homecoming daughter is once again in despair.


Michelle said…

glad to hear it! ;)

*and that you're not my parents*

lol. that gave me a good smile!
Jess said…

nice one, tim. sheesh.
The Phoenix said…
That's funny!

OK, that picture doesn't look like a firefly. It looks like a UFO hovering above your house.