La, la, la-la......Life goes on. And by design, mind you. If we're going to have another war, er, I mean conflict, on foreign soil, we cannot endure another Vietnam.

So let's make it all about "Terror." We must attack them where they live because they will attack us.

And let's not make the same mistake that we made in Vietnam by letting the Liberal Media show all the negatives of war. Bleeding heart bastards!

Let's not show the dead being returned in their flag draped coffins.

Let's call for the flag to be half staff when an ex-president dies or when some disturbed student unloads on campus creating a shameful tragedy. But let us not lower the "Stars and Stripes" to honor the 3335 American deaths since the war began. Or the 3196 since "mission accomplished." Even still, never let the cat out of the bag regarding civilian deaths. Oh, no. Can't have those America hating, flag burning Liberals crying over 60,000 plus civilian deaths. Shit happens.

Aren't things going well? America has never been more rich. Can't thank the Liberals for that. So what that Clinton left the new administration with a 79 Billion dollar surplus to work with. That would of happened anyway, thanks to Ronnie Reagan.

The rich are getting richer. Thanks to trickle down economics and faith based helping organizations, the rich, who have been so blessed by God, will help those poor and ignorant that cannot take care of themselves. We swear on the Holy Bible.

So what that come 2008, China will be the biggest exporter in the entire world. Need a job? Go to China! Hell, Halliburton is going to do it. Not China, but to where it can profit the most and pay the least in taxes and avoid Liberal biased scrutiny. Making money is the American way, isn't it. Christ! Get the led out! If you are finding things hard, it's your own fault.

Oh, and if you don't mind, if you got a kid you can spare, we need more soldiers to help protect us from those damned terrorists because no one in their right mind would hate the United States. We're God loving Christians, for Chriss-sake! This country was founded by God. If God be with us, who can be against us?

Now what about that extra kid?


Brendan said…
That Bush, McCain and company would take the sacrifice of these kids to save face and further their own power is revolting.