Good meal

It was rather crowded and a long line shuffled into the tent waiting to be seated. In the midst of all the shit going on, I thought that I'd take the time to walk over and say "Hi" to Don Imus. He and Deirdre were moving their way forward without the usual entourage to interfere and I strolled over.
"Hey, Imus," I said. Never one with the words.
"Oh, hey Tim," he replied and signaled for us to cut before him in line. We threw about the usual small talk and took our seats. His Deirdre to his right and my Deirdre to my left. We ate well and felt comfortable in our silence. Deirdre and Deirdre should have sat together. They can charm almost anyone. You don't really see their real mastery of charm on television but you don't forget them after meeting them in person.
Imus, for a person who has made a living on talk and personality (or lack of it, some would say) is a quiet person off the air.
He'll have more time to be quiet now, won't he.


Nicholodeon said…
Ho! ho! ho!