I am amazed at the amount of cars that some people have owned. I've met a few guys under thirty years old that have owned more cars than I have owned in my thirty five years of driving.
My first car was a 1966 Pontiac Lemans, 4 door, 326 auto, all black with little chrome. I could turn off my lights and enter the drive-in through the exit and watch movies for free. I could drive into the woods and do the same to elude the police. I have had that car airborne and also submerged into water several feet deep. It is still talked about when I meet dudes from my youth.
My second was a 1969 Chevy Impala...also quite memorable
Third, a 1967 VW Square Back with a flat top engine with dual carbs. Made in Germany for the German roads and brought back by a US serviceman, there wasn't anything else like it on the road. Go where a rabbit couldn't go. With 15 inch Michelin tires, it would hold the road as well as a Porsche.
Forth, a late 70's Subaru. Lots O' Fun!
Fifth, a 72 Super Beetle. Go anywhere wind up toy.
Sixth, a Pontiac Phoenix. The hood alone, was bigger than the Super Beetle.
Seventh, my all time worst car. Chrysler K car.
Eighth, a 1979 Ford pick up and ninth, a 1986 Chevy Eurosport. Both at the same time!
Tenth, and alone as I sold the pick up, a 1996 Ford Taurus. Yes, it was loved by all.
Eleventh, my current vehicle, a 2000 Ford pick up w/ ext cab.
Now, standing apart from all of these as it is not a daily driver, is my "Little Hottie" the 1973 Karmann Ghia.

How many cars have you owned?????


Car #1: 1962 Chevy II rust bucket, price,$25...

Car #2: 1965 Pontiac Bonneville or Catalina, a giant oxidized boat with a 389 big block would go anywhere not matter how deep the snow even during the blizzard of '78...

Car #3: Another Chevy II (later called Nova) this one a '63 two door with a '75 Monte Carlo 350 v-8 crammed into it, no room for headers on this one, would flat out fly. I would run it through some yards shit-faced drunk and eventually it got the doors ripped off by some guy who was beating me up. I eventually sold the car to him...

Car #4: A '75 Chevelle Malibu Classic, bought in '79--a beautiful car that looked like it rolled off the showroom floor. A few years and many qualludes later, I sold it to some guy who converted it into a dirt track racer...

Other random cars: 1975 AMC Hornet Wagon; my first (and only) new car was an '87 Cavalier I drove into the ground over the next ten years; then a beautiful '93 VW Fox which my then girlfriend and future ex-wife rear-ended totaled; an '87 BMW IS, a nice ride but a money pit; an '86 Harley Sportster which I proceeded to break my leg on...

Presently, a '96 Ford Ranger, one of the most dependable vehicles I have ever owned...
Jess said…
for the record, i am 30 years old. my first car was a 1980 toyota corolla sedan. great car..and i totally took it for granted.

second car... a 1991 honda civic si hatchback. this is where my love affair with Honda began.

third car, a 1999 honda accord. i leased this car, which was the HUGEST mistake ever. EVER.

fourth car, a car i don't even want to count... was a 1991 dodge caravan... a gift from my parents to help my failing marriage and our financial situation. i had to give the leased honda back... and i cried all the way home from the dealership.

fifth car, a 1989 honda civic hatchback. it had two doors (even tho i had two kids in car seats) and 4 gears. it also got 40 miles to the gallon. i sold it to a friend, they still drive it today!!

fifth car, a 1994 honda accord. it is PAID for (a huge accomplishment for me) and it gets me where i want to go. it is fully loaded and i love it.
Tim said…
BMK - we would of had way too much fun together!!
Jess, I took you for a Honda girl. Something tight, reliable, good on gas. No, no, really need a Audi RS4 Avant
At age 38, I've owned three cars.

First was a Buick Skylark (I don't recall the year, early 80s) that was a gift. It had its share of mechanical problems because of a former owner who fancied himself a mechanic, but I loved that car, and mourned the day when the problems became too expensive to make sense to repair.

Second was a 1989 Ford Tempo that I continually had major problems with. Apparently so did pretty much everyone else who owned one made in the span of 1989-1991. They no longer make these rolling heaps of fertilizer. When it dumped me on the side of an interstate 4 days after putting $1800 of repairs into it, my parents condemned it to death and helped me buy...

Number three, a 1997 Ford F-150. I just had alternator trouble with her - the first thing of any consequence that's gone wrong with her. Her name is Madame Greenbutt, I adore her, and I will drive her until she falls apart around me.