Memorial Day

Never Forget, was the cry; and forget we did.

But should anyone be surprised? How many millions have died in battle for causes noble and not so noble.

The founding of the American colonies was established as a set of checks and balances. No King George for us, Nah uh! No State religion, Freedom of the press, the right to bear arms.

But the right sees us as a Christian Nation and the latest George has God telling him to go to Iraq.
Gonzalez is threatening for the very first time to use the Seditious Publication Acts to prosecute members of the media that willfully print leaked information.
(Talk about the pot calling the kettle black)
Gun laws appear designed to keep violence on the streets and out of the law abiding owner.
Dare I say anything more without being accused of not being patriotic? Love America or leave it? Take it up the arse and be thankful for it? Send our soldiers off to battle and erase any evidence of casualties and underfund healthcare for returning vets?
Memorial day? Its meaning is changing. Like sheep being led to the slaughter we hide in B B Q and parties around the back yard. Parades and memorial services are attended by few. Who wants to be reminded that
"War like any other racket, pays high dividends to the very few. The cost of operations is always transferred to the people who do not profit."
General Smedley Butler


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