Having a sick chicken

Anyone who owns chickens knows the highs and lows of choosing these prehistoric relics for their eggs, antics and sometime stews. We have dealt with lice, prolapsed vent, eating something too big to digest, rats, possum and at long last a sour crop.
Big Fattie McChicken is loud, talkative and opinionated. When you find her with her comb flopped to the side while standing and staring off into space you know that something is wrong. We have a dog crate which we set up as a chicken hospital. After poking and prodding and smelling and listening to her gurgling wheeze, Gaia Girl searched out You Tube and found this: HERE 
This helpful video showed us what to do. We were amazed at the grossly poured out chicken vomit but in about a day she was back to normal!
We have a small group of fifteen or sixteen chickens (I loose count.)
Katie is the leader and the smartest of bunch.
Fattie is her ambassador.
Cassie is the beauty,
Bernie is the wise bearded wonder.
And you cannot forget Effie (formerly F**k Feet) Or Rainbow, Purna and the list of no names. But having chickens is fun and often a topic of conversation. It's like having a kindergarten in the back yard except that they take pretty good care of themselves. We are just the school monitors and sometime Human Pez Dispensers. They get themselves up and put themselves to bed. And no diapers needed! They poop at will and sometimes where you wish they wouldn't.