Peace at the Pagoda, peace at TaoSpring

A moment not measured in time. The kind of warm day when you forget about the weather. A breeze only noticed by the caress of her hand. The prayer flags mimic her movement. Slow, without purpose; but purpose abounds.

Climbing the hill for the first time, slightly out of breath, anticipation and a call to exercise find the lungs in labor as the trail slowly clears.
 The temple not yet complete, the Buddhist monks found one more lesson in impermanence. A large portion of the temple had burned. And judging by the date of the fire and that of today, progress was slow. While on the ascent down the trail, we noticed the rocks for the first time. Laughingly we joked that our eyes were, "opened."

Some years later I explored the hill with my love Gaia Girl while on the road with my other love, the Ghia.

As I was saying, the weather was as perfect as the Tao. One rode the day as a baby in a stroller. I remember the sync and the laughter. She is earth. I am sun. Tea leaves in a cup cannot reveal enough about this combination. A wood horse. A water rat. A Buddha adorning each point of the compass.

A jet chem-trailed moving from west to east marking a hemisphere that by it's very height made it unclear if you were seated in the northern or the southern half. We closed in on each other. She leaning back onto me. Our faces forward, our bodies forming a comfortable chair. We talked as if we knew each other. As if we had been separated through time. Familiar. Easy.

Our days at TaoSpring are herb filled as Gaia Girl broadens her healing skills. We like to spend time on our New England byways discovering medicinal plants hidden in plain view. Many of them brought over from the old world, some of them native. Our chickens entertain while laying eggs that most often are given away.
We planted a small garden this year. Cucumbers abound, beans and cherry tomatoes. The later being plucked by the ever illustrious Katie Chicken. The healing hand of Gaia Girl present is in all things.  Loving, wise, wicked smaaaart, healing. A unicorn in a field of horses.

Wherever have you been Gaia Girl? No matter. You're here now.                  


baroness radon said…
I am so happy that you are so happy and peaceful!
Tao1776 said…
I adore you sis!