Easter questions...

I recently purchased a traditional felt Pork Pie. (half price on clearance) I've been a hat man all of my life. I've worn berets and fedoras, Irish caps and a Glengarry bonnet. Years of wearing baseball caps doesn't count. I wasn't sure if liked this departure from my usual leather cap. But I'm finding that it's beginning to grow me.
 It's an amusing thing about how this hat is worn. It puts the center bowl if I may, lightly touching the crown of the head while the inside rim cradles the circumference of the head like a halo;  making it feel rather kingly or heavenly in some way. It being that I'm a Leo and that the clan who's motto, "Royal is my race" lurks somewhere in my veins, I guess it's only natural. True, I often feel that way without the hat. But.... the hat helps to bring my angelic nobility out.

You're supposed to laugh...

I'm different. I know that. I myself have called it by many things, yet in spite of my differences, I seem to easily become a Roman when in Rome whenever and wherever Rome may lie. One label that I would not apply to myself is that I am smart. I'm shown daily of just how little I know which is probably true for most of us.

But I am often surprised by a certain ignorance of local, world, and religious history that I thought everyone knew. The greater population around me seems to know little of the local history of Mary Rowlandson or Daniel Shays. They know little of the building of the Quabbin reservoir nor the politics behind said history. They know nothing of the Millerites, and nothing about the Protestant Reformation.

And although I didn't expect anyone to know about the origins of Easter outside of Christianity, I was surprised by the child-like answers regarding the Christian version as well. All about a rock that rolled away and ashes being worn on the forehead and something about three days. There were few that knew a little more but nothing like the recital by the resident Christian who can rattle a well told story high in rote and little in understanding.

I'm reading a biography of Teddy Roosevelt while it seems that many others are reading horror, romance or fantasy. I yearn to hear some words of wisdom from a Krishnamurti  or Watts. I love a good Michener tale. That's just me and that's just them. And I'm not judging them or myself. It's an observation. Subjective to core I'm sure.