February 10th will be the start of the Chinese New Year. The year of the snake. As memory serves, the day before was traditionally a day to clean and set things in order. The evening was a time of reunion. It sounded to me that it resembled our thanksgiving.
Feast and family and all that it entails.
The circle of life in a full view, yet not often understood or valued until the circle has turned closer to our own 365.
Since my divorce, that which I miss most is when my four children came home with their friends, husband and boyfriends, girlfriends and children. Overlooking the "human pigeon" behavior of my heroin addicted son and the drunken behavior of my now ex wife, it was almost perfect in it's family imperfection.
Simplicity and movement within the cycle of life has become almost unknown; and I too am at present, among the masses.
I will however roll along to find that which is down will be once again be, up" like the hands of time. A round spiral.
And all is good.