Fried Lice and chicken eggs

No, really. Fried lice.
You know. As in here today - gone tomorrow.
TaoSpring, our urban little farmstead is filled with activity. And while we offer no excuse, we missed the fact that the girls had lice. A thorough cleaning of the coop / a dusting of the birds, saw to an extermination of the little blood sucking creatures. The lice were no more. The happy little habitat will soon return to normal. And it can't happen too soon! When they're happy, I'm happy!

The level of anthropomorphism that I project upon my chickens is enormous. There's a translator in my head that converts every little nuance and  behavior into personality and language. My mind's eye projects a running animation - allowing me full access into their little world. Jumper and Katie acting like happy little girls. Bernie and Cassie feeling broody and swearing at me when I clear them out from the nesting boxes.
I swear one of them gave me the "finger" the other day!
Big Fattie is always complaining and commenting on the coop's state of affairs They're all such a joy to have as part of the family.

Their eggs are gifts that give far beyond the coop to kitchen. A dozen eggs serve as an excellent ice breaker.

Did I ever tell you that I met Gaia Girl over a dozen eggs? Last weekend I sold six dozen with a request to call when I have more to sell. And as I write, a text message arrived asking for all the eggs that I can spare for two more local customers.

And yet, it's not about selling eggs. It's about social convention. There is something special about transferring a dozen eggs from one person to another. Perhaps the collective unconscious being tapped into when this simple symbol of life is handed over from one person to another.

In truth, I'm certain that we have probably given away as many eggs as we have sold. Perhaps more!

Nutritional Yeast. (to be said in a low narrative voice)
Nutritional Yeast.
Some Nutritional Yeast has found its way into our pantry.
Perhaps it will grace some bean sprout dish that Gaia Girl is dreaming up.
One can only hope! (GRIN:)

Do you have chickens that you love as much as I do? My relationship with our chickens is nurturing. And if a cull be necessary, it is done with honor while remaining as natural as when we go to bed at night.


Sophia said…
Congratulations on selling the eggs. There is pride that comes from selling one's handiwork, and that pride gives one a sense of purpose and meaning that keeps one upbeat. At least it does for me.

I sell fractals on stock photo sites for 25 cents apiece and while that isn't going to make me rich, each time I sell one it make me feel all sparkly when I sell one which in turn motivates me to keep making them. ...and then it gives me something to do!

I anthropomorphize all the time. I do it to my fish. I even do it to my plants! I guess it's just a projection of the many things going on in my head. :)
Tao1776 said…
Sophia - long time no blog, eh? Glad that you're doing well.
Anthropomorphism is a gift of the mind's eye. I doubt not it's value.
Sophia said…
Yeah, I've decided to try blogging again. I don't know how long it will last this time but I've felt the urge. :)

Re: anthropomorphism - it's nice to see all the friends that are "in here" out there. :)

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