Waterfront Ghia - TaoSpring

I enjoy a New England summer morning. I enjoy New England period! But this year's rain and the almost endless progression of cloudy days can try the most patient among us. I am patiently waiting for summer to burst through mother nature's womb and shower us with the joy of a new day after a new day but I can't help wonder, is the weather in New England always like this? You kind of forget last year.  And it's a New England tradition to grumble about the weather. Like the old saying goes, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute. It will change".
I can't help but lust after a warm sunny morning. Greeting the day with the energy of excitement. Stretching, tending the chickens. Checking on the garden. Enjoying the day. Work when work is due. All else is a slide into the joy of TaoSpring.
The ritual of taking off the car cover and warming up the Ghia and making  spot checks like I'm about to soar above 10,000 feet. Her low HP, yet throaty rumble. She holds the road like a blind man reads braille. Tight corners, holding hill and valley, clutching close the outline of the "S' or "M" and occasionally spelling out a word that makes the maidens blush and the masters drool.
Yeah, I know, Ye Olde Moto-Head: You sheepishly look at the Karmann Ghia like you did at your blossoming sister or at your Aunt Rose. You want to look - or look away. But you just can't help yourself. You look when you think no one is looking.
It's okay Grandpa. You ol' greaser. Get your hands outta yer pants.
She's just a car............


baroness radon said…
I thought you got rid of her...oh no, that was something else. Happy driving, from TAO 61, who never has to be put away in the winter!
Tao1776 said…
Hahahahahahahaha Big Sis! Heart You!