"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens"

.. all gathering is followed by dispersion.
 Therefore the superior man begins to distribute while he is accumulating.
 In the same way, in developing his character he takes care not to become hardened in obstinacy
but to remain receptive to impressions by help of strict and continuous self-examination.

After a seven years of estrangement I met my brother over a pizza and beer. Neither of us have carried a grudge or anger in our pocket for these seven years. As he put it, we have just ignored each other. It's curious that we never bumped into one another in our travels seeing that he only lives the next town over and less than a fifteen minute drive away. I like the  Nietzsche quote which says, "There are no facts; only interpretations".  Yeah, we had a falling out after my Mother had died. The "whys" are no longer important. I just wanted to hear his view of things: if only to gain a better understanding of myself. Shortly after we met I sent him an email stating that I was glad to see him. And to this he replied,

Good to see you also. I wasn't sure what I would find. You're appearence
has changed a good deal. In fact some of the pics on you're Facebook page
could scare someone that doesn't know you. Just my opinion. But the voice
hasn't changed. It's still the gentle, kind, warm-hearted voice I
remember. Still just a little bit irratating,
not always unbias and hiding a volcano's worth of
 "why me God, what did I do to deserve this?"
anger waiting to blow.
Well things are looking better for you.
You now have some time all to yourself.
You're responsibilities are not so great maybe.