On a brighter note..........

I've been painting (with help) as this is a rare opportunity. An empty house, a painter's canvas. New paint in every room, floors will be done, kitchen floor torn up and scheduled for a fine checkered pattern. It's still a mess but progress is being made.
Last week's weather melted away more snow revealing the level of work that needs to be done outside. But this year I face the task with more hope and gratitude. Things are and have been changing fast. Faster than I am accustomed to.
I also want to give "props" to a dear friend who has been for me a celestial catcher's mitt as I fell fearfully into the unknown and she has graciously caught me again and again. She, as a paramedic has been awarded as one of the few out of the many, to receive the high honor of being awarded the American Ambulance Association's "Star of Life Award". This accomplishment merits high praise. It also serves to remind us of all those men and woman who serve as first responders who often aid where others would fear to tread.


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