This Being Human is a Guest House-

   We had our first "real" snowstorm last week. I remember some twenty years ago or so when I could look out my window and see the looping tracks of wild rabbit running in and out of the bramble. It created a sense of comfort somewhere deep within me; contentment without definition. Rabbits just doing what rabbits do.
   Now I look out and see the snow untouched. The rabbit patch has long been weeded out by the neighbor in favor of having a fenced in yard for their many dogs. This week as I watch out my window, I am aware that I have this feeling of missing the rabbits but I don't begrudge the neighbors or their love of the dogs. Ever in a state of flux, rabbits go and dogs will come. How long will the dogs reign supreme in their fenced in yard?
   The part of town in which I  reside was once referred to as "The Patch" and it was where many of the Irish immigrants came to live. The house was built about 1900 and my family may have been only the fifth family to occupy this Victorian/Grecian Revival homestead; Two Irish families, one French-Canadian family and my Scot-Irish / French Canadian family. I bought the house as a salmon colored home which I later painted a dark gray. A few years ago I brought her back to her former glory, I believe, with a Chesterton Buff, red roof, and a sky blue ceiling on my wrap around porch. The next owner may paint her entirely white, or perhaps it will be torn down in favor of putting up a fast food drive through.
And who is to say which is right? Or which is wrong? Is there a right color, a right family or a right animal destined to reside or color the landscape or house? Up is down and down is up.
But we know from observing nature that the world works in circles, spirals, cycles. What is up will one day be down. What is down will one day be up. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall......and Winter again.
   I have spent the last few years perhaps, if I'm being honest, wallowing in the proverbial bottom of things. It may of been more appropriate to title my Blog, "Lamentations" instead of "This Being Human" as I have wallowed in denying what is, as opposed to hiding my head under and rock dealing with the reality of real life. I have been disingenuous at best. Is it possible to prolong our suffering like a prolonged ice age? Global warming? Climate shift? The dark ages giving way to the Age of Enlightnment?
   What is down, must come up! I have told you about how I have come to relate to the character of Jack Crabbe in the story of "Little Big Man". Man, I have seen it all, it seems. A great story. A child of the 60's holdover. A stoner, evangelist, drunkard, fighter, Taoist, Buddhist. A sorry mutha-fucka trying to make it in the corporate world.
   I want a simple life. A farm, A loving mate. Chickens and a garden. The rat race is for fools and simpletons. I hope that Lamentations will give way to the true essense of what it means to be, This Being Human - Is a guest house.
Entertain them all............


Kelly said…
excellent post my friend.

you're home is breathtaking.
baroness radon said…
I lke the idea of a sky blue ceiliing on the porch. Nice.