People look at you and me to see
what they are supposed to be.
And, if we don't disappoint them,
just maybe,
they won't
disappoint us.
Walt Disney

There really was a time when I could most sincerely agree with Will Rogers when he said, "I never met a man I didn't like." Keeping this quote within the context of which it was said, I seem to remember that he met people on an even playing field. It was only later, when they proved themselves to be asses, that he left them to their own ass-like devices; perhaps believing that their actions spoke for themselves. So, to a degree I guess that not much has changed. I still welcome everyone with that Howdy-Doody innocence, sincerely warm and friendly.

These days the problem lies with me having the "disappointments" and the "do not likes" outweighing the "inspiring" and the "likes" category of people.

Of course, in this situation, I'm trying to take full responsibility for the sometimes troubling unbalance. Hence the above Walt Disney quote...

Much of this began I believe, when I worked within the field of "mental health". The bureaucracy of it all and the high degree of mental health disturbances among those that were employed within the field left me scratching my head. Later, as the technical plant manager of a water based printing ink manufacturing company, the Machiavellian antics made many of my peers act like the runts of the litter scrambling for a place at the tit even when it was not at all necessary.

There was a time when it seemed that I could empathize with people in most any given situation because I knew in my heart that most people are really doing the best that they can. Within each of us is the likable and the ass; the runt and the benevolent. I knew it well within myself and recognized its existence in others. And somehow, at some time, I have become less approving of itself in me and within others.

Everyone is really pissing me off! And that includes me...

Friends and family. My job. The management and my fellow employees. Freemasons. Christians. Politics. Government. (The Lady is exempt. She is good company) America.

It seems that there are no good manners anymore. No common courtesy. The love of money and hypocrisy prevails. There are no leaders, only moronic followers. But as Hesse said,"If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is a part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."



baroness radon said…
Most of the time when I have a strong negative reaction to someone, I always have to step back and look at myself. It is so often some element of my own psyche that is reflected. (It works both ways too...the positive reflections can be sort of narcissistic.) Other people can be our teachers, in positive as well as negative ways. Hesse was right, I think.
Sophia said…
I hope you still like me. :)
Boris said…
When you expect people behaving in certain way and then they don't fulfill your expectations, you get disappointment and frustratrion.
Aceept people as they are and the World will be a better world.
There is an easy way to change the World, and Gandhi explained it:
Be the change that you wish to see in the world!
All the best.
Mustang 67 said…
I know that when you follow your heart in everything that you do and let the Universe take care of the rest, then you shall find peace!