"Cold hearted orb
that rules the night
Removes the colors from our sight
Red is gray and yellow white
But we decide which is right
And which is an illusion.......................


Kathy said…
what is that? Happy Sunday to you!
Sophia said…
Speaking of the moon?

Nice fungus!
baroness radon said…
NIce photo, makes me miss the East Coast.
Tao1776 said…
We have had such a wet summer season that we have mushrooms growing in many areas of the yard.
Sophia - the quote is from Day of Future Passed album by the Moody Blues (if I remember right-showing my age) Yes, it refers to the moon but also that things are not always as we might be led to believe....The picture of the mushroom is such an illusion. It is the camera angle that gives it the height. It is really only 5 inches tall!
Hey, little sister!!!
Kathy said…
LOL O its a mushroom...yes it looked very tall