No more! No more....

The stench is beyond that of description. The smell of infection and rot, death and decay, can only be hinted at; its true smell being something akin to that of a skunk foraging the pens. The smell of the distant or dead skunk is familiar to all but the smell of being heavily sprayed by a startled woodland is only known by the initiated.
This was my initiation.
Being wet with sweat and feces, lying dead for several days in the fly laden fields, intensifies the smell of decay. Add to that the smell of powder and puke and you will find yourself talking to yourself and singing silly little songs.

James ran up the gap one day
his icy knife in hand
shot off by Johnny Reb
now he's not a man

The glory of war! One day it will cease and the memory of the smell of it will be a distant memory replaced by the smell of clover and babies.


Shubhajit said…
Lets unite together against war and spread the message throughout the world by any means.

If we want, we can spread love even sitting thousands of miles away. First correct ourselves, make ourselves so pure that we can change the course of human mind with our own mind.