Summer in New England; Beltane to Samhain

Brought the "Little Hottie" home on Saturday. According to my matriarchal ancestral tradition, life begins on May 1st (Beltane) lasting until October 31st (Samhain) It begins with a celebration of sex and love: New beginnings. Planting of the crops. It ends with harvest and preparation for going dark (death) and making preparations for winter.
Bringing the "Little Hottie" symbolizes this new beginning. Working on her has been a labor of love. It has been very frustrating as well. Not enough money to do everything that I want. For the last couple of years she sat idle in the driveway. Everyone had a opinion on what was the matter. Why she did not want to run right. They were all wrong however. After much research I discovered that the new fuels would not vaporize correctly in the carburetor. Enlarging the size of the jets fixed that problem. Shes running like a top.
And for that I'm very grateful.