And then there's the story about..

The young soldier found himself at the front lines for the third time in five days. The line ebbed and flowed like a Nantucket tide and the casualties were close to a thousand on each side. Having studied world history in school, the name of the towns that they fought to occupy were familiar. In the struggle to either defend or dominate this land, it had been baptized in blood as often as Popes had filled the Vatican seat.
The soldier's sense of reason and duty fled the line with his feet doing most of the work. A Sargent called after him with threats of having him shot, but to no avail. He ran so hard and with such terror that he had not a clue if he had run one hundred yards, five hundred feet or a mile.
At that moment a General yelled for the young soldier to stop.
Stop he did, with deep drawing breaths. Having caught his breath, he looked up into the General's face, "Wow. I ran that far back!"


{illyria} said…
there's a lot to learn about our sense of reason and duty.

that is

they're not the same thing.

happy new year's, hon.
Loralee Choate said…
I deeply love many people in the military. All of them wonder how they will react if they are ever in a battle situation.

I always pray they never find out.