My Ford F 150 has been in places lately where a breakdown would have been disasterous. Especially when it is a tie rod that just up and falls off! Yikes! So, it was advantageous that it fell of at work allowing me to just park it. It will be there awhile as I have to replace it myself. I'm shit ass broke and I will need to rent a special tool to do the job. I'll also need an alignment. Hope to get it as close as possible because I may have to put that off too.
My oldest son "let a friend" borrow his car. He never returned it. The police found it and had it towed where it still sits. No one has the $$ to pay the ransom. He will most likely lose it.
My oldest daughter was stopped on her way to work because she failed to renew her registration. That was also towed. She had to scramble the next day to make it all legal again.
My youngest daughter has an expired inspection sticker, a broken pipe at the catalytic converter and a bad steering rack. Oh, and the transmission is going too. An aquiantance of hers, a garage mechanic, offered her a Olds SUV for $3000 and then reveresed himself on the very day that we submitted a loan application.
Thank the cosmos for my 1973 Karmann Ghia. May she be spared from any harm!


Loralee Choate said…
I would be so sad if anything happened to that adorable, red car.

(Yes. I MUST call it adorable, because it just IS. ;))
Rowan said…
sounds like rotten car luck all the way around. We just replaced our rad....blasted cars!
The battery in my '96 Ford Ranger just went dead. Believe it or not, its the original, so I guess it was about time. I think all the extreme heat we've been having lately finally did it in. So tomorrow I'll be out there dripping all over the engine compartment, installing a new battery.