New location New Home New woods New Lakes With My Wife

Gaia Girl and I are approximately a few weeks away from moving from my old house to our new home. I rose my four children here and lived there for over thirty years.  Moving to an old single room school house that was later made into a six room home. The original school room stands as the modern living room with a beautiful fireplace chimney (where we will implant a pellet stove) and with large wooden beams laid across the ceiling.
Home sits in the woods near many lakes and ponds. A few miles away stands a beautiful and often climbed well enjoyed mountain.
Our cats and chickens, family and friends, will help us to celebrate our new home which we have been reaching for four difficult years.
February 19th, 2015 will draw our merry attention to the Chinese Year of the Sheep. 
Our hope is also drawn towards the 4th of July 2015 for the marriage of us: Tao1776 & Gaia Girl.
It is also our hope to add a Boston Terrier to our new home.