I am in Love

Originally married in 1977, life soon reveled my decision an ignorant mistake.  My four children were born: son in 1979, son in 1980, daughter in 1983 and my last daughter in 1886 and they helped me continue on. I knew that some day my marriage would end, yet found it inevitable for years to find my departure.

In year 2010 my divorce began. It was ugly, defiant, violent and also included our local police.

Ultimately, upon her removal, I was allowed home. The home I over 30 years bought. The arrival back home was ugly, dirty, stolen empty and proportionally broken. My arrival home was tough.

My desire to clean, help and sell,  soon became long, difficult and depressing. My only joy, hope and happiness come through Gaia Girl. We now joyfully plan on being married by July of 2015. I never imagined a desire or a possibility for after the brutal sufferance of my long marriage number one.

Life complete and fulfilled with Gaia Girl

I bow with thanks and honor.


Gaia Girl